Roberto Carlo Russo was born in Milan where he got his University degree in Medicine. Then he specialized in pediatrics and child welfare. By attending a hospital department of pediatrics and thanks to his previous studies he developed a strong interest in the neurological problems of the child. In 1968 he specialized in Infantile Neuropsychiatrics. At the present he is listed in the Doctor Association of Milan and in the Psychotherapists Register.

He attended for years the Infantile Neuropsychiatrics clinic of the University of Milan. For a six-year period he had been responsible for the Infantile Neuropsychiatrcs department of the "G. Corberi" Hospital.

From March 1976 to May 1980 he was given charge of the Service of Psychomotor and of the Health Centre for Prevention and Treatment of the neuropsychological pathologies appearing during the first three-years at the Medical Consortium of the Milano district Esterno Nord-Est 1°.



Roberto Carlo Russo


From May 1980 to March 1998 he was responsible for the Infantile Neuropsychiatrics Service on a milanese territory of about 150.000 inhabitants. Lastly he was also appointed to coordinate two more Services of the Infantile Neuropsychiatrics actually forming the Operative Unit of the Infantile Neuropsychiatrics (U.O.N.P.I.) of one of the six ASL (Health Local Unit) in Milan.

Since 1998 he has been continuing his clinical activity of Infantile Neuropsychiatrics at the Centre Study of Psychomotor Psychology and Infantile Neuropsychiatrics of Milan, V.le Marche 93.

Since 1999 he has been lecturing on " The Clinic and Psychomotor Therapy" within the University course of "Therapist for the Neurology and Psychomotor of the Evolutionary Age" at the Infantile Neuropsychiatrics department of the University of Medicine and Surgery in Pavia.


Professional activities

In 1972 he founded the first Italian school of psychomotor. He did specific research into the normal and pathological evolution of the child, the influences of the parental models, the organization of the child's personality and its moods, the method of the psychomotor and psychotherapeutic intervention during the childhood, the kind of educational help and therapeutic support given to the reference's models during the child's adolescence.

Nowadays the study of the problems regarding the child and his environment is an interesting object of research and practical application. It is also being faced using global viewpoint while considering the child's specific abilities.



Roberto Carlo Russo,  V.le Marche 93,  20159  Milano. For calls and appointments do not hesitate to contact him dialing the number 02 / 66804556 in the morning or sending an e-mail.



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